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Shadow to Live is a boutique promotion, management and booking agency based in Brussels, Belgium. Our team is working with passion in the shadow to make our talents shine live on stage.

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We provide management services to artists we deeply love. Shadow to Live is guiding the career of artists from the very beginning in their garage to the Main Stage of major festivals.

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We book and promote shows with local and international music and comedy acts from small clubs to big arenas and festivals. We also work closely with some of our local talents to produce their live shows.

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With more than 100 private bookings each year, we became the leading partner to book the perfect artists from newcomers to international superstars at the right price for your events in Belgium or abroad.


Our Awesome Artists

We are booking hundreds of talents from all over the world to clubs, arenas, festivals, private and corporate events with a special place in our heart for our local talents we have been closely working with for years.



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Upcoming Events

Event Schedule

Date Artist Venue City
21/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Saint Georges-Sur-Meuse Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse (BE) Buy Tickets
22/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Rixensart Rixensart (BE) Buy Tickets
23/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Perwez Perwez (BE) Buy Tickets
23/03/2023 Vincent Dedienne Nouveau spectacle Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
24/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Atelier Rock Huy (BE) Sold Out
25/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Belvédère Namur Namur (BE) Sold Out
26/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Mons Mons (BE) Sold Out
27/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Liège Liège (BE) Sold Out
28/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Antoing Antoing (BE) Buy Tickets
30/03/2023 Michael Gregorio Forest National Forest (BE) Buy Tickets
30/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Verviers Verviers (BE) Buy Tickets
31/03/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Lessines Lessines (BE) Buy Tickets
01/04/2023 Suarez Suarez 15 ans - Bruxelles Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
01/04/2023 Henri Dès WEX Marche-en-Famenne (BE) Buy Tickets
02/04/2023 Henri Dès Cirque Royal Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
09/04/2023 Konoba Konoba - Cirque Royal Club Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
30/04/2023 Manon Lepomme Je vais beaucoup mieux Merci! Namur (BE) Buy Tickets
02/05/2023 Tokio Hotel Ancienne Belgique - Beyond The World Tour Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
01/07/2023 Henri PFR Feelgood Festival Aywaille Aywaille (BE) Buy Tickets
08/07/2023 Henri Dès LaSemo Festival Edingen (BE) Buy Tickets
06/12/2023 Abdelkader Secteur Marhaba! Bruxelles (BE) Buy Tickets
07/12/2023 Abdelkader Secteur Marhaba! Liège (BE) Buy Tickets

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    Shadow to Live SPRL
    Chaussee de Waterloo, 1571 - 1180
    Brussels - Belgium
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    +32 2 762 55 58
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